New Expectations at Work

Do you recognize these Shifts at Work?

Source: “The Global Human Capital Trends( 2016); The new organization: Different by design” by Deloitte university.

Shorter and temporary hires
Multiple types of employment
New expectations from millenials

  • The rate of change has accelerated
    Contingent, contract, and part-time workers make up almost one-third of the workforce. Employee churn will rise and so will the demand for agile talent-pipelines and tools reducing time to hire. The pace of change in business requires organisations to be more agile and figure out how to embrace a new approach of “digital HR.”


  • A new social contract is developing between companies and workers
    Millennials make up more than half the workforce and they anticipate working for many employers and demand an enriching experience at every stage. This leads to expectations for rapid career growth, a compelling and flexible workplace, and a sense of mission and purpose at work.


  • The empowerment of the employee.
    The faster pace on the jobmarket means the demand for certain skills pass the upper hand to the employee. Especially those with a good reputation and quality followers in their virtual communities. They will soon become an important ressource for new hires.


Imagine a large enterprise, but with almost no organization chart.

Picture a business that seamlessly mixes resources into ad-hoc teams, formed to accomplish specific goals, then dispersed and re-mixed to move on..

Prodii is a tool offering organisations to build searchable skills vaults, talent pools and dynamic company employee pages, who-is-whos, project team presentations and organisational charts within hours.

Designed for the dynamics in your organisation

Work is changing towards shorter periods of hire and with a rising number of people are hired as freelancers/ independent contractors.

On top we are looking into a future with an ongoing, growing demand for new skills.

Prodii is an ethical HR—solution for communities, networks and organisations helping you to

  • keep up with the skills within your organisation.
  • be proactive in your workforce planning

Enabling transparency and providing insights

In most organisations HR keeps knowledge about their human resources in their silos, documents and archives. Outside the organisation, peoples profile data (skills) are stored in personal accounts and kept behind the bars and restriction of the social media.

With Prodii professionals build, manage and share their skills inventory and when doing so collaboratively, they reduce redundant and time consuming information- and production processes for attraction, recruitment and future planning.

Your own ecosystem of skills data

Using Prodii will give you access to real, updated data representing skills and resources giving you answers to questions like ‘what kind of skills do we have right now’ or ‘do we have access to a combination of skill Y and Z’ on a certain location, in the whole organisation or even within the groups of temporarily employed, alumnis and talent pools.

The data sharing, data flow and data pool reduces time on processes such as findingmapping, validating and presenting skills and skilled people.