Q: How long time does it take to create a Prodii-profile?

A: It takes approximately 5 minutes when you import data from social media. We recommend you spend 5 minutes more to adjust information. Publish on a vanity-url and you have an online profile ready to pop up on search engines when somebody is searching for you. Remember to come back to keep your profile fresh.

Q: Does it cost money to create a profile on Prodii?

A: No.

Q: How do you make money? Do you sell my data to third parties?

A: We don’t use data trackers and we don’t sell data. We have a fremium  service.

Q: I have changed my social media profile. How do I refresh my profile?

A: Data import takes your data from your social media and puts them in a “edit layer” from where you can accept the content you want transferred into your profile.

Q: What information do you import from my social media?

A: We take data from your profile. Such as profile image, job title and bio. Depending on the media we import number of actions (how many times you have shared, liked, posted), hash tagged words (twitter).

NB! We do not import updates (comments, images, postings and the like).

Q: Do I need a social media profile to build a profile on prodii.com?

A: No. You can enter data yourself or you can complete the team invitation provided to you by your team owner.

Q: Which social media can I connect?

A: We have started with the usual – and will continue to add media based on our users suggestions.

  • Linkedin
    • Basic API; name, title, image, bio, geo location
  • XING
    • Most of your profile data
  • Twitter
    • Name, image, bio, geo location, hashtags
  • Slideshare
    • Name, title, image, bio, categories
  • Delicious
    • Name, title, image, bio, categories
  • Coming soon
    • Google+ and Youtube
    • Coursera