Our Vision

Our Vision:
We are making skills universally visible and accessible.


We empower professionals to gather and activate skills data and to create networks of skilled people in work relations,
in order to promote, present, market and share skills, competences and capabilities.

With Prodii we want to empower professionals with insights about the skills, knowhow and resources they have and have access to in their work relations. And we want to enable them to make skills and resources visible and accessible in a respectful way.

Work is changing towards shorter periods of hire, a rising number of freelancers/ independent contractors and an ongoing, growing demand for new skills. 

To stay competitive employers will benefit from being proactive in their planning and search for skills, while employees will benefit from a continuous marketing of and an insight in skills in demand.

We designed Prodii to help 

  • Organisations hiring knowledge workers and selling their skills.
    To help them answer questions like ‘what kind of skills do we have right now’ or ‘do we have access to a combination of skill Y and Z’ – on a certain location, or in the whole organisation.
  • Professionals in order to strengthen  their personal brand, job- and business opportunities.


Using Prodii will give employers and employees access to real, updated and validated data about their skills and resources. The data sharing, data flow and mutual data pool reduces time on processes such as finding, mapping, validating and presenting skills and skilled people.

Prodii helps organisations of any size to build searchable skills vaults, talent pools and dynamic company employee pages, who-is-whos, project team presentations and organisational charts within hours.

Data is accessible, managed and controlled by the data owner and in compliance with the intentions behind GDPR. This is a new approach within a field where existing recruitment firms, social media, professional networks and platforms harvest, analyse, use or sell personal data “behind peoples back”.  

Our philosophy is ‘why steal, what you can get by asking’ and ‘why keep to yourself, what brings value to the common good’. This is our raison d’etre and our differentiator.

The future

Our vision includes a peer-to-peer validation followed by a digitally supported blockchain validation. We see the CV as a blockchain; each block being an event, like a project you have been working on in a team; who are better than your team members to validate your participation?