Inspiration for your Design Templates


A template is a collection of widgets.
A widget is a placeholder for profile content.
Profile content includes a data query.
Data are refreshed via the Prodii plugin.

Prodii connects data silos; from social media to your data hub. From your data hub to your intranet, your homepage, your talent pipe line, your career page, your project team introduction....


Copenhagen: Dark - colorful (like Tivoli by night)
Dublin; green and vibrant
Demeter  - mint
Helios  - yellow/ pale blue


Templates are named from places our co-workers identify with. Dublin was designed for WEB-Summit.

Profile Template for Mobile

Templates are responsive in their design. This is a complete profile on a mobile device. Each widget has a purpose and uses data accordingly.Below showing the CV/ resume visualised:  

Social Media "Assessment"

Data can be collected from social media, can be built from Q & A's and entered manually. Below: Showing the social media information.



Design your own data widgets :

Business Card Widget

Business Card Widget

Skills Widget

A Collection of widgets embedding data from profile(s). When relevant data are aggregated.

A Teampage; A collection of profiles and their data