Data/ Privacy Policy

Every time you update a social media profile, make a tweet or publish on a blog you are leaving information about your work life behind. And you are giving this data away to the corporations behind. Corporations that knows you much better than your colleagues or your manager. 

We believe you should be able to take the same advantage of your professional data and have the ability to access, organise, activate and share it in your service and for your personal, professional purpose.

What do we mean by personal, professional data?
Professional content such as your bios, images, jobs and skills, where you have worked, how you interact online, where you have lived, courses you are following and courses you have completed, your professional interest, your motivation, your global outreach and outlook. All the information that makes a more rounded presentation of you.

Claim your data from social media

Connect a social media and we import all data available from the source. We try to keep up with the constant change in the how and what from the big social media social media. Right now we connect to Linkedin, Xing, Twitter, Slideshare, Coursera, Google+ and more are coming up.

Team manager Q & A

Data from social media helps to get the bigger picture of you, however to get the whole picture of you,  team owners can add questions to get the precise information they want from their team members.

Customised APIs

Organisations may want to add data from an internal skills database, and for those we customise API’s.

Data Management

You can choose what you do with your data – no matter the source. You can get to know yourself better or promote yourself for your next job. Or you can share it with co-workers to create transparency and make your skills available for people you want to work with or work for.

You can control the data you share with others and terminate the sharing when you don’t want to share it with a certain group or person anymore.

You are the data owner and in control

You can safely use Prodii as your personal data store. You select the social media accounts for your profile and decide if you want to accept an invitation from a team owner and what questions in the Q&A you want to reply to.

We do not keep, store or sell your data for other purposes.

  • We don’t sell data about you to third parties. Your data is yours.
  • On prodii you can keep your professional data but only as long as you want to.

Just delete and leave; If you want to leave, you don’t have to ask

  • Delete your profile – and all data belonging to you will be deleted. Including your contact information such as email and user name.
  • It’s fast and easy to register again.

Always in Respect of Your Data Ownership

  • No Ads; We don’t sell advertising from third parties. No replication or use of data without user consent.
  • No replication or use of data without user consent
  • No external 3rd party; We don’t sell data about you to external third parties. Your data is yours.
  • No tracking cookies
  • Check out any time you like; If you want to leave, you don’t have to ask; Delete your profile and all data that belongs to you will be deleted instantly.
  • No data residues left on our server after final check out
  • No NSA; Hosted in Germany.

Data Policy

When you use Prodii you store data on our server, this is how we use your data:

Data collection

Prodii offers the following ways of collecting professional intormation about yourself:

  • connect accounts (social media and online courses)
  • accept team invitations and fill out survey (Q&A) from team owner
  • enter information

Your social media data

You can decide to collect data from your social media profiles. Depending on how you use Prodii, your data may require: registration-related information (such as name, addresses, e-mail addresses, telephone numbers); Information about the social media that you use, how you use them and updates and location data.

How Your Prodii Information is used

Your Prodii information is used for purposes that require: Operating your Prodii profile, to personalize the content provided to you, to communicate with you and respond to your inquiries, to conduct research about your use of Prodii, to offer you other Prodii programs or services that may be of interest. Prodii may use cookies, web beacons, or other technologies in combination with your Prodii information to enhance and personalize your experience on Prodii.

Technical Data

Prodii may also receive or collect certain technical information when you use our services. This may require: the type of browser or operating system you are using, your manner of connecting to the Internet and the name of your Internet service provider; your Internet protocol address.

Prodii may use SSO, or other technologies, to register or authenticate you and enable you to take advantage of our services.

We aim to keep third party cookies out of our system. However, this policy does not apply to data collected by third party websites and offerings linked to or otherwise accessible from Prodii. The information collected or received by third parties is subject to their own privacy policies.