The Solution

Prodii is a collaborative software solution for professionals and organisations who want to map, monitor and market their skills. 

Designed for networks and in respect of data ownership, Prodii proposes a new approach to gathering and activation of profile- and skills data and use them for future workforce planning, talent pipelines and transparency within organisations. 

The mission of prodii is to give the full picture of people and their skills.  To make the process faster we use data and collaboration. The core is an engine creating the data flow from source to use. Data can be pushed to and pulled from the core/ data vault via customised API’s and web services.

The ‘core’ is an engine receiving, distributing, filtering and tagging data imported or added by the data owner. We provide customisable web services and APIs pushing and pulling data creating a data flow from source to usage.

Prodii has been designed based on the following principle

  • From many external data sources to one data hub;
    Professionals upload data from social media and store data in a personal personal vault
  • Data follows and are handled and shared by the data-owner;
    Design and functionalities match requirements ref. ‘GDPR 2018’ such as data portability, consent and administration. The employee has direct access to add and delete his/her own data.
  • Collaboration;
    Managers create teams where data-owners choose to grant access to their personal data vault thus creating mutual dynamic data pools.
  • Activation of data;
    From the mutual data pool, data can be aggregated, activated and/or analysed and used for specific purposes; publication on the intranet and/or the website.
  • Across ways of employment and geography;
    Organisations don’t have to distinguish between the type of employment.
  • Peer-to-peer validation;
    People working together will be able to digitally validate the work relations while entering and/or leaving a team


Share your talent

When you have completed a profile, you can

  • make your profile available for the public and search engines by publishing on a customised URL.
  • create your own network of talents by inviting people to teams.
  • publish profile, team pages and team members with our WordPress Plugin.

Build your own network of talents

With a profile you can create your own teams in a network with all your work relations.

You are the team host and manage the information gathered.

  • People enter your team by your invitation.
  • You define a skill assessment for your team members.
  • You pre-fill the Q and A’s that will be distributed to the people you invite.


  • Work together for better and faster results.
  • Aggregation of data for organisational insights.
  • Gain insights about your employees/ co-workers

Flexible and multi purpose

  • Share employee CV’s and team CVs with anyone, anywhere;
  • Within the team. Within the organisation. On the homepage.
  • For customers only or for the whole world to see.


  • CV owner controls his/ her data.
  • Team manager controls information shared.


Prodii web application is a private and secure cloud-based information system with storage and data processing abilities. It’s your professional-data hub.

  • Claim your personal professional data from social media and web-services
  • Unfold your professional work life.
  • On a personal level, in a group and in an organisation.


We started following the start-up path, but had to conclude that “the silicon valley the winner takes it all” model doesn’t comply with our values.

We have signed The Copenhagen Letter, a pledge to work for values such as:

  • Tech is not above us.
    It should serve our needs, both individual and collective..
  • Let us build from trust
    We all depend on transparency to understand how technology shapes us, which data we share, and who has access to it. Treating each other as commodities from which to extract maximum economic value is bad.. for each and every one of us.
  • Design open to scrutiny.
    We must seek to design with those for whom we are designing. We will not tolerate design for addiction, deception, or control. We must design tools that we would love our loved ones to use…

Moment of truth – small print

Prodii is between prototyping and beta. We would love to improve UX, provide more design templates and make frontend smoother.

That’s why we are continiously looking for partners and people who share our vision, for designers who can design new templates, for users who just want to get started

but most importantly for organisations looking for new ethical HR-tech and a sustainable way of keeping up with the skills within the organisation and within the organisational outreach, thanks to your employees.

We offer knowhow and a technology platform – interested? please get in touch!