Sign Up for a Personal Professionel Profile on Prodii


With Prodii you can create a professional digital profile in a few clicks; ready to publish on your personal vanity URL, on your website or to share within a team.

  • Manually: You are in control. You have to do the job.
  • Import data from your social media profiles. We do most of the job for you. You have to adjust.
  • Follow guide from team invitation. You give your team exactly what they need to know about you.

You can use Prodii for personal branding. Create your profile and then publish on your vanity-url, a customized url you define.
Your profile will be visible on

Create Profile

1: import data from social media

2: enter/ edit information

3: complete team invitation

Publish Profile

  • on your personal vanity url
  • on a wordpress homepage


1. Manually

Just click Sign Up and enter your e-mail >>

2. Confirm E-mail

You will receive an e-mail, please confirm >>

3. Edit and Adjust

Go through your profile, click the Edit Icons and enter data. Consider connecting your social media.

1. Import Data

Select a social media to sign up with. During the sign-up proces data will be imported and out into your profile using the API provided by the social media. >>

2. Connect More Media

For each social media you connect you will get more data into your profile and icons on your prodii profile that link to your social media accounts. >>

3. Edit and Adjust

Go through your profile to select preferred image, bio, title and geo location.

1. By Team Invitation

Accept team invitation. Then either select manually sign-up or choose a social media. >>

2. Follow instructions

Your team invitation is designed by your team owner.  >>

3. Edit and Add

Go through your profile to complete your profile. You can connect more media or you can enter and edit manually.