Professional Data Profile

For you working as an independent worker and occasionally you need to dip into other peoples skills: Prodii builds a professional profile showcasing your professional activities ensuring a rounded presentation of who you are and what you do best.

Skills in teams

A team is a group of people invited by the team owner. By joining a team, the invitee (team member) accepts to exchange professional information with you and with other team members. When invited to a team, you as a team manager can ask for specific skills and qualifications.

Organisational HR

Organisations can build their own ecosystem of skills data enabling them to answer questions like ‘what kind of skills do we have right now’ or ‘do we have access to a combination of skill Y and Z’ – on a certain location, in the whole organisation and even include their temporarily employed, alumnis and talent pools.

But before you start your trial…

Is Prodii for you?

  • You are ready to take back the power of your digital identity and not just leave it to others to build your digital brand.
  • You want to visualize your work life and use it in your professional profile.
  • You want to benefit from the knowledge and resources in your professional work relations.  
  • Your company rewards employees for attracting talent from their personal network
  • You are looking into the future of recruitment and talent attractions
  • People you have worked with are becoming just as important to your brand as the companies you have worked for
  • You don’t mind being first mover…
  • ..and that “trial” also sometimes is followed by “and error”…