Publish Your Team on a Team Page

  • Publish on a personlised URL
  • Publish on your homepage
  • How to edit contact person and order of profiles

On a Personalised URL on Prodii.compublish-team1


You can publish teams on a customised url on

To make this url, you first have to enter the url for the company – then the team,publish-team2

  1. Go to your company page and enter a customised url
  2. Go to the team page you want to publish
  3. Click on link “Not published”
  4. Type your preferred team name

Your final customised URL will then be

You can share this URL in a mail, on your other digital profileslike any other link.publish-team3

On Your WordPress Website

Install Prodii WP-plugin

Go to

  1. Sign Up/ log in
  2. Go to Account Settings on and grab your Publisher Key

Go back to your WP website

  1. In Prodii plugin Settings copy/paste your publisher key
  2. In Prodii plugin Shortcode: Select design template and company .
  3. Design structure of pages: Select the team or teams you want to include
  4. For team pages, you can only select one team
  5. Copy/paste your code into a full width page