Prodii Web Application

The mission of prodii is to give the full picture of people and their skills.  To make the process faster we use data.

Data hubs

You can build and maintain data-hubs for your personal profile, for teams and for companies.

Published Profiles and Pages

You can publish profiles, team pages and company pages.
Either on a customised web-address (a customised url / vanity URL) as a subpage on or on your homepage with our WordPress Plugin.

Our plugin for WordPress embeds data in templates.

Build your own network of talents

With a profile you can create your own teams in a network with all your work relations.

You are the team host and manage the information gathered.

  • People enter your team by your invitation.
  • You define a skill assessment for your team members.
  • You pre-fill the Q and A’s that will be distributed to the people you invite.


  • Work together for better and faster results.
  • Aggregation of data for organisational insights.
  • Gain insights about your employees/ co-workers


  • Share employee CV’s and team CVs with anyone, anywhere;
  • Within the team. Within the organisation. On the homepage.
  • For customers only or for the whole world to see.


  • CV owner controls his/ her data.
  • Team manager controls information shared.

What exactly can you do with your team data?

Here’s what you can start with:

  • Get insights about your people and your skills
  • Build digital versions of your teams

Share your insights:

  • Publish your team profiles with customised vanity-URL’S
  • Embed your team profiles on your homepage

For designers, coders and masters of CSS:

  • Export your data in Json
  • Customize your own designs and data visualisations

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Why Prodii? (because the old ways don’t work anymore)
How Prodii Works (share data and collaborate)
Data and Privacy Policy (dataowner has access all their data)
Prodii WordPress Plugin (makes it easy to keep homepage updated with people presentations)