Build your own design from our templates

With Prodii, you collect and update data.

With our templates, you convert your data into visual presentations.

With our wordpress plugin, you publish your presentations on your homepage.

Behind the scenes prodii data engine keeps data flowing and everything together.

  • Design your own Template
  • Customise profiles, team- and company pages.
  • Code your own templates using PHP, JavaScript, HTML and CSS.

What exactly is a template?

The purpose of a template is to present people professionally, instantly, on any media.
The method is visualising embedded authentic data shared and updated by co-workers.

A template frames the data you have collected and includes:

  • a 3-level/2- level  structure
  • responsive layout
  • placeholders for data (widgets)
  • infographics
  • data aggregation

Why create your own template?

We have some free templates ready to use, designed for your inspiration on how data can be used for personal profiles, team profiles and a complete presentation of the organisation.

The most common reasons for editing our templates is when you want:

  • a different layout
  • more content or less content
  • different fonts and colors
  • redesigned infographics
  • a complete people/organisation/ career site in your look-and-feel
  • How to Publish your Profiles and Pages

Once created you can use your templates:

  • On a URL on prodii creating your own presentation page on a subdomain; vanity-URL.
  • On a wordpress website on any page and within your own domain; wordpress plugin


Your server or ours?

The templates are located in the template folder on the server.

If you want to use your own server to store the templates, first you have to copy the template to a plugin template folder. You can locate a template on your server to make changes to an existing template or to create a new template.


The vanity-url method calls a template located on the Prodii server. Your page will be shown with the template and in the language you have selected in your Prodii file.


WordPress Plugin; Publish on your WP homepage

We have developed a plugin for WordPress enabling you to publish your template with the data you have gathered from yourself and your co-workers via the Prodii Data hub.

The wordpress plugin is available here:

Once the plugin has been installed, the template short-code you generate will call a template.

The Prodii plugin will check if the requested template exists on your server.
– If the template exists on your server, it will use your version.

– If you don’t have a template the plugin will search for and use the template on the prodii server.

Get Started: Get our documentation

How to design the layout and CSS for your own templates:

Get in touch; ask for documentation AND for templates

you can use it for your own design, colors, fonts and widgets to change the look and feel of our free teamplates.