Get Started

How to create your personal profile:

Import data from social media;

  1. Prodii makes use of the public API’s provided by the Social Media sites. In order to use the API to collect data, you must approve that Prodii uses the API to collect and access data on behalf of you.

Enter and/ or edit information;

  1. Confirm the data you want to use in your prodii profile.
  2. Refresh content from your social media to keep your prodii profile up to date.
  3. Go to “social media connections” and update your information.
  4. Accept data/ content from social media via the editor.

Share your profile;

  • Public with your personalised URL such as:
  • On a wordpress homepage; the settings on the homepage controls the public visibility
  • Within a team as a team owner or as a team member.

What exactly can you do with your personal data?

Here’s what you can start with:

  • Claim your data; collect data to build a personal professionel presentation
  • Use our templates to visualize the digital version of your professional persona
  • Enhance your digital identity with a customised vanity-URL

For designers, coders and masters of CSS:

  • Export your data in son
  • Customize your own designs and data visualisations