How Prodii Works

Prodii is your CV data hub

You can keep and activate all your personal CV data in one place. You can grant access to your CV data You can ask team members for access to their CV data.


Profile page - example    


As user you can build and publish a personal profile, team pages and company pages. And you can publish profiles, team pages and comapny pages. Either on a customised web-adress (prodii vanity url) or on your homepage with our WordPress Plugin.


  Company page - example


At Prodii you share information about your knowhow.... 

  • Fast. Cloning data speeds up the process.
  • With an instant output. We analyse data imports “on the fly” and transform them into a visual profile/ CV. Part of our analysis is calculating key numbers. 
  • Visualised and designed to make your CVs look better, interpretations faster and impression last longer. 


CV-data sources

  • Social media data
  • Adjustments and add-ons
  • Q'n'A from team manager
  • Customised API's


Social Media Data from 

  • Linkedin
  • Twitter
  • Slideshare
  • Coursera
  • Xing

Data streamed into templates

Each person manages and updates their own profile and CV-data.

When a team member updates her profile, relevant data will be replicated in the team as well.

Data from profiles are aggregated in team profiles/ team pages.