How to move your data from Linkedin to Prodii in a few clicks

Portable data is one of the outcome of GDPR. You now have the  right to get all your data from your social media accounts in a portable format.

The procedure has 3 easy steps and takes 2 minutes of your time (delivery time not included) :

  1. Order your data archive from Linkedin (2 minutes + 10 minutes waiting)
  2. Download the data archive by email (zip-file) (2 minutes)
  3. Upload the zip-file to your Prodii account (2 minutes)

This is our guide on how to move your data from Linkedin into your Prodii profile.

I: Order data archive from Linkedin:

1: Log into Linkedin: open your personal menu (“Me“) and select Settings & Privacy

2: From the Privacy Tab: Select “How Linkedin uses your data” and click on Download your data


3: Click Pick and choose + Profile

This will give you your data for your:

  • positions
  • educations
  • languages
  • skills
  • profile (personal introduction)

II: Log in to your email account

(the one you use for your Linkedin Account) and await the email with a link to your zip-file:

1: From the email click the download link – you will be redirected to your Linkedin account

2: Click the button Download Archive to move the file to your desk.

III: Import data archive to Prodii:

1: Log in to your account on Prodii.

2: From your personal account go to Import Data from Media

3: Click on the icon for Linkedin CSV import to upload the zip-file to your Prodii account:

Select the file from you desk and upload!


By importing from the LinkedIn CSV-file, you will add data from LinkedIn to your Prodii data pool. Just import the specific CSV file unchanged, and Prodii will take care of saving it to the right fields. Note that you can select either the zipped file or specific CSV-files.


Now go to your Personal Profile


Scroll down to each content widget;

  • First time (your widgets are empty),  the data will be shown in your profile instantly.
  • Next time (you have content in your widgets) from the data import layer, select the data you want to add to your profile:


Done! This is how you can keep the content in your prodii profile up to date with all your media.

PS! We are working on CSV-files and/ or similar methods for all relevant media!