Prodii is a collaborative software solution for professionals and organisations who want to map, monitor and market their skills. Designed for networks and in respect of data ownership, Prodii proposes a new approach to gathering and activation of profile and skills data and how to use them for future workforce planning, talent pipelines and transparency within organisations.

In a competitive job market and work environment, organisations who can attract and identify ‘specific skills in demand’ while minimising time and resources spent on processes, gain a competitive edge.

Professionals who can predict the need for skills and keep themselves in the loop, can position themselves for future jobs and a more secure work life.  

In professional roles such as managers, project/ team leaders, webmasters etc. the prodii tool is a fast and effective way to map, present and exchange skills.

Professionals build, manage and share their skills inventory and when doing so collaboratively, they reduce redundant and time consuming information- and production processes for attraction, recruitment and future planning. .

The solution is a cloud based application. Groups of people collaborate around mutual and shared data describing their skills as individuals and at the same time aggregated within groups. An organisation is a dynamic collection of groups (teams). The outcome being a dynamic, searchable skills database.

The core is an engine creating the data flow from source to use. Data can be pushed to and pulled from the core/ data vault via customisable API’s and web services.