Data Ethics

Prodii transforms data into people-, team- and company presentations. No matter how you enter data, they belong to you and you can use Prodii as your personal data store.

No Ads; We don’t sell advertising from third parties.

We do not keep, store or sell your data for other purposes.

  • We don’t sell data about you to third parties. Your data is yours.
  • On prodii you can keep your professional data and only as long as you want to.
  • You can activate your data in a personal profile. You can share your data with peers.

Just leave; If you want to leave, you don’t have to ask; Delete your profile – and we delete all data that belongs to you. Including your contact information such as email and user name.

Always in Respect of Your Data Ownership

  • No advertising
  • No replication or use of data without user consent
  • No external 3rd party
  • No tracking cookies
  • No highjacking; check out any time you like, easily
  • No data residues left on our server after final check out
  • No NSA; Hosted in Germany.