Product/ Solution

Designed for the new ways of work, Prodii is a tool for collecting, analysing and presenting shared, aggregated and visualised CV-data.

Small businesses can use prodii to introduce team members and their skills to customers. Larger organisations can use prodii as a CV-data hub for multiple purposes.

Employees/ team members manage their own CV and profile-data. They can replicate data from their social media profiles and by doing so they can fast complete their profile and keep it just as updated as their social media profile. Team managers can further specify skills they want team members to add.

Data are embedded in visual templates and updated via a semiautomated data flow.

We have templates for company pages, team pages and personal profile pages.

These pages can be published with a customised URL on or they can be embedded on a homepage with our plugin for WordPress.

Templates will be open source in beginning of 2017.

Templates with content place holders