With the prodii web application we want to help you benefit from your data scattered around on social media and digital platforms.

Every time you update a social media profile, make a tweet or publish on a blog you are leaving information about your work life behind. And you are giving this data away to the corporations behind. A corporation like Linkedin knows you much better than your colleagues or your manager. And vice versa.

We believe you should be able to take the same advantage of your professional data and have the ability to access, activate, map and share it – in your service and for your personal professional purpose.

Prodii web application is a private and secure cloud-based information system with storage and data processing abilities. It’s your professional-data hub.

Prodii offers data plugs to claim your personal professional data from social media and web-services that can unfold your professional work life. On a personal level, in a group and in an organisation.

What do we mean by personal professional data?
Professional content such as your bios, images, jobs and skills, where you have worked, how you interact online, where you have lived, courses you are following and courses you have completed, your professional interest, your motivation, your global outreach and outlook. All the information that makes a more rounded presentation of you.

Who can you claim your data from?
Social media and networks include Linkedin, Xing, Twitter, Slideshare, Delicious, Coursera, Google+ and more are coming up.

As a team owner you can add questions to get the precise information you want to have about team members skills.

Data Management
You can choose what you do with your data. You can get to know yourself better or promote yourself for your next job. Or you can share it with co-workers to create transparency and make your skills available for people you want to work with or work for.

You can control the data you share with others and terminate it when you don’t want to share it anymore.

Share your talent

When you have completed a profile

  • you can make your profile available for the public and search engines by publishing on a customised URL.
  • you can create your own network of talents by inviting people to teams.
  • you can publish profile, team pages and team members with our WordPress Plugin.


You can customise your profiles and pages using our templates.