Make your people and their skills visible

Our mission is to make people skills and knowhow transparent within teams, searchable within organisations and visible for their customers and stakeholders.

Co-workers contribute with their data and prodii provides a data flow enabling an efficient process from source to usage.

Save time while getting a better output

As an organisation you can co-create your company page presenting people and your organisation . You can manage employee data in one place, and from here select and publish content in one flow.

Profile Branding Page

Import data from media of your choice.

Visualise your skills.

Publish your online profile on a vanity-url.

Include contact information and link to your social media profiles.

Map and Visualize your Team.

Get insights and Key Numbers. 

Share your professional background within the team and organisation.

Introduce people in project groups.

Get key numbers on skills and people.

Share with Customers

Publish on your home page

Select employees and skills.

Present team skills and team members.

Choose a design - or design your own template.

Professionals who are proud of what they do

Employees who are proud of their workplace.


Organisations who are proud of their people.

Efficient, yet in control

A template manges content and how the page looks. 

Everyone ads value

Prodii aggregates employee data, interests and interactions into unified profiles.


Always Updated.

Motivates employees to keep their CV updated on the intranet and home page.