First you get insights. Then you promote what you do best.

On the inside of the Prodii App you get insights within your organisation and/ or teams - for your eyes only. From here you can choose to share selected profiles and skills with customers or on your home page.




Visualise Yourself.
Personal branding.

Import data from media of your choice.
Visualise your skills
Publish your online profile on a vanity-url.

Map and Visualize your Team.
Get insights. In confidence.

Within the team and organisation.
Introduce people in project groups.
Get insights of skills and people.

Share with Customers.
Publish on home page.

Select employees and skills.
Present team skills and team members.
In the look and feel you prefer.





Organisations who are proud of their people.

Employees who are proud of their workplace.


Professionals who are proud of what they do

Nobody does it faster...

Populate on your homepages your organizational structure in unified employee profiles and keep your company and people pages updated with approved content.

Efficient, modern, and in control

A customisable template controls the employee content and how the page looks.

Managing content and people is fast and easy and doesn't need a coder or webmaster.

 You are behind the wheel

You only have to ask your webmaster once - and that is to get your content plugin up and running; typically a 15 minutes "piece of cake" task.

Everyone ads value

Prodii aggregates employee data, interests and interactions into unified profiles

From small teams to big organisations

Prodii makes it easy for organisations to motivate their employees to keep their CV updated on the intranet and home page.

Personalised infographics

The employee decides how to fill out the template; The fast and easy way is to import data from social media providing instant insights presented in personalised infographics.

Reuse Data or Use our Template

As an alternative the employee may enter the required information in the profile template.

In both cases data in a profile is managed by and owned by the profile owner.

Save time while getting a better output

As an organisation you can collect professional information about your employees and reuse published, professional content from social media.

You can manage employee data in one place, and from here select and publish content in one flow.

We have only just begun

Recently launched and still in beta, but with an experienced team behind sharing a strong desire to enable professionals to grow their digital brand the best way possible.

 Always in Respect of Your Data Ownership

  • No advertising
  • No replication or use of data without user consent
  • No external 3rd party
  • No tracking cookies
  • No highjacking; check out any time you like, easily
  • No data residues left on our server after final check out
  • No NSA; Hosted in Germany.


Behind the surface:
Prodii is an app building digital profiles for professional use whilst recycling data from professional social media. At Prodii we are committed to do this in a way that doesn't compromise employee nor employer.

Personally, I enjoy the connectivity in my professional digital life, however at the same time, I guard my personal privacy and sensitive data. I encourage you to do the same.

Marianne Steen, Febr. 2015
Founder/CEO, Prodii